Community Engagement

Deep Connections

Muhlenberg College is part of Allentown, PA and the city is part of the college -- each would be different without the other.  We are committed to deep partnerships - partnership is not forged by a single event done once. The OCE sustains college commitments by working side by side, day in and day out, and across decades with our partner organizations to ensure this amazing place is one where all residents thrive!

Citizen Action

No matter where you go, you bring yourself.  We, in the OCE, are dedicated to cultivating global citizens who live out their individual values and take action in their local contexts.  From voter engagement, to advocacy campaigns and critical information literacy we dedicate our efforts to cultivate agency and encourage accountability.

Signature Events

Sometimes a big festival is just what everyone is clamoring for!  Here at the OCE we understand that communities see each other through struggle and come together in celebration too.  The OCE oversees student planning committees who plan and implement campus-community events that intentionally open the college campus to local residents so everyone can enjoy one another’s company.

Employee Engagement

A college campus means plenty of students...and also college employees!  Faculty and staff at the college are part of our local communities during their time at work, and for those who live locally, when they leave work too. The college encourages employees to model congruent leadership through actions both professionally and personally.