Navy V-12 and V-5 World War II Photograph Collection

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Navy V-12 and V-5 World War II Photograph Collection


Naval education--United States; Muhlenberg College


From 1943 to 1946, Muhlenberg College was one of 131 colleges and universities that hosted a Navy V-12 (and V-5) training unit. Allowing the students to accelerate their undergraduate degrees while preparing them to serve, the program was mutually beneficial for the institutions and the military.


Special Collections and Archives, Trexler Library, Muhlenberg College


Muhlenberg College Historical Photograph Collections


Allentown, PA: Muhlenberg College, Trexler Library, Special Collections and Archives




Special Collections and Archives, Trexler Library, Muhlenberg College


The majority of the photographs in this collection remain under copyright. Muhlenberg College has made every effort to identify the photographers or other entities to whom the rights belong, and we are always seeking to make proper attributions. Anyone with information about the copyright ownership of these images is encouraged to contact us. It is the sole responsibility of the researcher to identify and satisfy any claims of copyright before making use of reproductions beyond the conditions of fair use, as described by the United States Copyright Law. The individuals depicted in these images are students, faculty members, administrators, and guests of Muhlenberg College through the years. Their identities have been provided when known. We are always eager to further increase our identifications, so in the case that an individual, or family members thereof, recognize subjects of the photographs, we are happy to address identification or concerns. Email Special Collections at

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Muhlenberg staff members pose with truckload of stationery to be mailed to servicemen, ca. 1942.
Staff members posing with a truckload of packages of "General Pete" stationery, bound for Muhlenberg servicemen. From left to right: Oscar Bernheim, Robert C. Horn, unidentified female, Gordon Fister, "Haps" Benfer.

Two Naval officers.
Naval Lieutenant Commander Frederick L. Douthit (left) sitting alongside Lieutenant W.D. Greulich.

V-12 students hanging laundry.
Navy V-12 students hanging laundry on campus.

Reba Tyson holding christening bottle and bouquet.
Reba Tyson, holding christening champagne bottle and bouquet, alongside Victor Schmidt [unverified] and student representative James Gross. The S.S. "Muhlenberg Victory" was launched on July 9, 1945 at the Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyards in Baltimore,…

Gordon Fister with Elsie Mittle.
Director of Public Relations Gordon B. Fister '33 with his secretary Elsie Mittle (Schmoyer).

President Tyson handing Captain Canaga a diploma.
Captain Bruce L. Canaga, director of the training division of the Bureau of Navy Personnel, receiving a diploma from president Levering Tyson.

Tyson handing Captain Davis a diploma.
President Levering Tyson giving Captain Edgar W. Davis, district chaplain of the fourth naval district and baccalaureate speaker, a diploma.

Commencement speaker Admiral Louis E. Denfeld.
Rear Admiral Louis E. Denfeld, assistant chief to the Bureau of Navigation, delivering commencement speech.

Commencement procession.
Procession into graduation includes Commander Henry P. Lowenstein (leftmost officer), Harold A. "Haps" Benfer, and Dean Robert C. Horn.

Navy Students at Commencement.
Unidentified Navy v-12 students receiving their diplomas.

President Tyson posing with naval officers at commencement.
(left to right) Dr. Ira Frankenfield, Tower City Lutheran clergyman; Dr. Paul Z. Strodach, baccalaureate sermon preacher; President Levering Tyson; Rear Admiral Wat T. Cluverius, commencement speaker; Commander Scott G. Lamb, Director of Training in…

President Tyson and Commander Lamb.
President Levering Tyson with Commander Scott G. Lamb at commencement.

Rear Admiral Wat T. Cluverius.
Rear Admiral Wat T Cluverius, commencement speaker.

Rear Admiral Cluverius and others.
Rear Admiral Wat T Cluverius (center) with two unidentified gentlemen.

Commencement procession along academic row.
Graduates led by Chaplain Harry Cressman.

President Tyson presenting diploma.
(left to right) President Levering Tyson, Robert C. Horn, and unknown officer receiving a diploma.

President Tyson and Commander Douthit with Navy graduates.
Commander Frederick L. Douthit (far right) and President Levering Tyson with unidentified Navy graduates.

Commander Lowenstein presenting a student with his diploma.
Commander Henry P. Lowenstein presents graduate with his diploma at commencement.

President Tyson posing with officers and speakers at commencement.
(left to right) Dr. Fred J. Fielder; Captain John Kelvey Richards, commencement speaker; President Levering Tyson; Brigadier General Frank D. Beary; Dr. Henry C. Cornehlsen, Jr.,baccalaureate sermon preacher; Dr. Nevin E. Miller.

Commencement procession.
Students followed by naval and marine officers enter Egner Memorial Chapel for commencement.
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