What is a Graphic Novel?

Graphic novels are books written primarily with pictures instead of words.
“Isn’t that a comic book”, you might ask?
“Yes, but longer.”
You might now be thinking, “I don’t read comics. Thanks, but no. ”

Stop by anyway. You will be surprised to find, that what the comics medium has to offer, goes way beyond Superman. In addition to science fiction epics that have become popular movies, such as The Watchmen and V for Vendetta, you will find novels that delve into history, day to day life, autobiographical stories, and basically, the same topics found in prose novels.

Then, why bother? Telling a story with pictures, rather than being a gross over-simplification of events, gives the reader a completely different challenge. In the words of Marjane Sartrapi, author of Persepolis,

There are so many things that you can say through images that you cannot say with writing. The comics is the only media in the whole world that you can use the image plus the writing …When you are reading comics, between one frame to the other what is happening, you have to imagine it yourself.

If you don’t have a chance to stop by, you can search for Graphic Novels in the Trexler Library Catalog. Use:

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