Could Animal Farming End? Think about It.

Are you interested in learning more about the next topic in the Center for Ethics (CFE) event series “The Ethics of the Anthropocene: Crisis Earth”? Here is a list of readings, compiled from library databases and the web, to aid in thinking about the future of animal farming which will be addressed by Jacy Reese at the next CFE event on January 28th.

Jacy Reese – Readings

Piper, Kelsey. “We Could End Factory Farming This Century.” Vox, 15 Nov. 2018.

Reese, Jacy. “‘Clean Meat’ Is the Future of Vegetarianism.” National Review, 6 Nov. 2018.

Reese, Jacy. “Emptying the Cages.” Progressive, 1 Dec. 2018.

Reese, Jacy. The End of Animal Farming : How Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and Activists Are Building an Animal-Free Food System. Beacon Press, 2018.

About this list

Kelly Cannon, Humanities & Business Librarian, compiles supplemental reading lists for each speaker on the Center for Ethics schedule. Look for readings to be posted on the library blog about one week before each speaker’s visit.

The Center for Ethics has announced the speakers and event schedule for Spring 2019. Read about it here.

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