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Trexler Library 20th Anniversary
20 years ago, the college library’s services and collections moved several hundred yards from Haas Hall to a new edifice constructed on the south side of Chew St. This new space featured good light, beautiful cherry wood furnishings, and an exterior that attractively coexisted alongside both modern and traditional buildings across campus. The building has weathered well, and though some members of the staff have changed, the library remains committed to providing quality service, programming, and resources in support of the College’s mission as a liberal arts institution. Please join us as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Trexler Library Oct. 20-25 (see calendar of events below).
Calendar of Events

10/19: Commencement of week-long celebration (Oct. 19-25) of the 20th Anniversary of Trexler Library, beginning Sunday evening with:


10/19:   Free Film on the Lawn: “Say Anything” dir. Cameron Crowe (Location: lawn between Trexler Library and Center for the Arts, 7:00PM-9:30PM).


10/20:  Notables Book Group, Discussing “The Piano Player” by Kurt Vonnegut (Trexler Library Rare Books Room, 12:00PM-1:00PM).

10/21:  Banned Books Reading (Trexler Library Periodicals Reading Area, 11:00AM).

10/23: Brownbag lunch and music on the terraces with Roland Kushner from 12:30-1:30.

10/23:  “Angel Food & Devil Dogs” Reading by Liz Bradbury (Trexler Library Periodicals Reading Area, 7:00PM-9:00PM).


10/24: ***Trexler Library 20th Anniversary Celebration***


–Book Passing (Haas Hall to Trexler Library)

–“The Girls Next Door” Singing Performance (Library Front Awning)


–Birthday Reception (Level A and B Level Terrace)

–Chamber Players (B Level Terrace)


–Information Commons Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (Speakers: President Peyton R. Helm & Senator Patrick Browne & David Kerr (AT&T)


–YouTube Contest Winners and Showing of Contest Videos (Information Commons)


–Papyri Website Revealed (Information Commons)

*Tours of library leaving at 3:15 and 5:15 from the Entry Floor Medallion
*Ongoing Memory Recordings led by MCTV

10/25:  Family Open House Welcome at the Red Doors (Library Front Awning, 10:00AM-1:00PM)


10/28:  Social Entrepreneurship Documentaries and Panel Discussion (Trexler Library Fulford Room, 7:00PM-10:00PM)

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