Trexler Library Scuttlebutt

A Bi-Weekly Update

Morning Call to Charge for Website Access

Scuttlebutt has heard through the grapevine that the Allentown Morning Call will begin charging for access to their website. As a consequence, Trexler Library staff are looking into the possibility of a campus-wide subscription to the Call website. However, institutional access may not be offered by the publisher at this time.

For the time being, Trexler Library offers several alternative points of access to the Morning Call:

1. Hard copy, available at the Information Services Desk on level A of the library.

2. Access through LexisNexis. Text, but no images. Searching capability, but no browsing. Includes today’s issue, 6 mo. archive.

3. Access through Proquest. Text, but no images. Includes browsing capability, but starts with yesterday’s issue, with 20 yr. archive.

To browse, in Proquest, click on Publications tab, then Morning Call, then choose the date you want to browse.

Institutions Adopt Open Access Policy

Just last year, one of our benchmarks, Lafayette College, joined a handful of other institutions of higher learning in adopting a policy of open access for faculty publishing. In essence, such an open access policy encourages faculty to explore placing their research in journals that support free public access to their articles. Typically this means some type of negotiation at the time of signing on with a publisher, allowing the author to retain the right to post his/her research to a personal website or institutional repository.

Today, the Chronicle of Higher Education reported on the most recent addition, Princeton University, to the list of institutions adopting a policy of open access publishing. The report gives a nice overview of what such a policy means.

Interested in learning more about open access policies? Contact Kelly Cannon, Scholarly Communication Librarian, at

Infomaniac Tip

Art Images for College Teaching (AICT)

Art Images for College Teaching (best viewed in Internet Explorer) is a “free use educational resource containing hundreds of photographs of architecture, sculpture, and paintings. The photographs were all taken, and are owned by, the webmaster, art historian Allan T. Kohl from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design.

Kohl authorizes without fees or penalty the use of any of the images for educational, non-commercial purposes.



10/5 – Reception to welcome Tina Hertel, new Library Director. (Event Space, Seegers Union, 4:00-5:00.)

10/13 – Faculty Author Reception: in honor of authors Sue Jansen, Jeff Pooley, Lora Taub-Pervizpour, for their recently published work: Media and Social Justice (Palgrave Macmillan). (Trexler Library, Fulford Room, 12:30-2:00.)

10/28 – 2nd Semi-Annual Trexler Trivia Night. Teams sign-up begins Oct. 21. More info. forthcoming. (Trexler Library, level A concourse, two rounds 6-6:45 p.m., 7-7:45 p.m.)

10/31 – Mourning Art Display and Reception. A tradition of the Victorian era, mourning art was created out of human hair to memorialize the dead. The opening reception for this fascinating exhibit will feature an informational presentation by Pamela Moschini and Erika Sutherland. (Exhibit level A, reception Fulford Rm., 7:00-9:00 p.m.)