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Full Text of the Times of London Back to 1785

Muhlenberg students, faculty, and staff now have access to the Times (London) newspaper online from 1785 (the paper’s inception) to the present day. The bulk of the archive comes from recently purchased access to a Gale Cengage product titled: Times Digital Archive 1785-2006. This impressive database contains facsimile renderings of the paper, fully searchable and downloadable.

“As an online archive of every headline, article, editorial, announcement, image and advertisement published in The Times (London), The Times Digital Archive is an essential resource for teachers, students and researchers interested in history, politics, social and cultural history, law, genealogy and criminology.”

Penn State Lehigh Valley’s Library Databases

As you are perhaps aware, academic research databases are not declining in price. The economy collapses, but database and journal prices soar. Go figure. Swimming upstream as it were, Trexler Library is managing to keep pace with access to the most important databases, such as the acquisition of primary sources like the The Times (London), a paper of record for over 300 years.

That said, the world of databases is vast. There are many things one would like to have, that one cannot afford. Fortunately, we have a kindly neighbor in Penn State Lehigh Valley, with access to hundreds ofresearch databases. Located across from the Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley, this Penn State branch allows Muhlenberg students, faculty, and staff to use any of its databases, with a handful of exceptions, provided one is willing to visit their library in person. Please call ahead to make arrangements: Judy Mishriki, 610-285-5028

Getting Copyright Permission

Is there something you want to post to Blackboard or Moodle, but you’re not sure if it’s copyright compliant?

Fortunately, getting permission to post copyrighted materials (in excess of fair use) to your Blackboard or Moodle accounts has never been easier. Thanks to funding from the Provost’s Office, Trexler Library can make an inquiry on your behalf with the copyright owner, and then pay the requisite fees within reason.

Simply contact Jon Macasevich, Library Reserves Assistant, to inquire. You do not need to have the materials you wish to post in hand. Library staff can obtain those materials, digitize them, and post them to Blackboard or Moodle on your behalf.

Infomaniac Tip

The Hidden Google

Google is revealing a long-time practice, that of suppressing thousands of links to materials deemed to be pirated content. When copyright owners see their work illegally posted, they can contact Google and the site will be hidden. This happens to some 250,000 sites a week!


LIBRARY SUMMER HOURS through Friday, August 17:

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INTERSESSION, August 18-26:

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