Muhlenberg Voices of World War II

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Muhlenberg Voices of World War II


In 2015 and 2016, the Muhlenberg Memories Project team interviewed Muhlenberg alumni from the World War II era, including men who were part of the Muhlenberg’s Navy V-12 program. From a retired physician’s memories of being both a V-12 and pre-med student on guard duty to a gunner’s anecdotes about fighting the Germans in mid-air, these intimate interviews illustrate the idiosyncrasies of young men coming of age in the turbulent 1940s. These oral histories give us a window into the lives of active duty men as they served across the globe.


Special Collections and Archives, Trexler Library, Muhlenberg College




Anthony Dalton, Susan Falciani Maldonado, Dr. Kate Ranieri


The interviews in the Muhlenberg Voices of World War II Collection were gathered by faculty and staff of Muhlenberg College with the purpose of preserving them for the College's archives. Copyright for these interviews remains with the interview subject or his estate. They are being shared publicly here with permission.

Collection Items

Major Nathan Kline, August 24, 2015
Nathan Kline, a native of Allentown, attended Muhlenberg College before distinguishing himself, at the tender age of 17 as an Air Force bombardier/navigator flying missions in the European Theatre of Operations. In this interview, he recounts his…

Dr. William F. Fritz, August 7, 2015
A high school graduate, William Fritz, determined to become a doctor, applied for and was accepted into the Navy V-12 program. Hailing from Appleton, Wisconsin, Fritz began his first Navy assignment as a pre-med student at Muhlenberg College in…

Dr. Richard E. Meyer, August 21, 2015
Richard E. Meyer grew up in Quincy, Illinois and, following high school graduation, applied for and was accepted into the Navy V-12 program at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. A member of the first cohort which began in July 1943, Meyer…

Raphael "Ray" Nies, August 16, 2016
A native Pennsylvanian, Ray Nies embraced many American traditions including attending college, following sports teams, and supporting the country’s war efforts. His experiences during his tour as a Marine during WW II reflect those traditions in his…

Bertram Levinstone, October 10, 2014
“Bert” Levinstone ‘42, a native of Newark, NJ, reflects on his College accommodations, activities, and the profound effect Dr. Shankweiler and other science professors had on his ability to succeed in medical school. He talks about his…

Arthur Schmidt, August 13, 2015
Arthur Schmidt’s college career at Muhlenberg was interrupted by the war’s need for his service in the Army Air Force. Serving in various capacities in the Air Corps, Schmidt found active duty afforded him new opportunities to see how others lived.…
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