Oscar who?

The Academy Awards are this Sunday!   The final ballots were due on Tuesday for tabulation by the auditing firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers.  At this moment, only two partners of the firm know the results until the sealed envelopes are opened onstage. Continue Reading

Futurist Kurzweil

1970 – MIT grad Ray Kurzweil pioneered his first step into artificial intelligence with pattern recognition which he defined as teaching computers to recognize abstract patterns, a capability that dominates human thought.  Innovations produced by the Kurzweil companies have become Continue Reading

The Norse god Loki

Possibly the most scandalous of the Norse mythological gods is Loki.  Known as the God of Fire, the Trickster God, a shape-shifter, seducer of goddesses, and father of beastly offspring, his mischief eventually caused him eternal punishment. It is Loki Continue Reading