How to Find Reliable Information on COVID-19

If you’re facing an information overload or having trouble finding information you can trust during this time, you’re not alone.

To combat this, Teaching and Learning Librarian Rachel Hamelers and Assistant Professor and Director of Public Health Chrysan Cronin answered some frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and offered advice on where to find trustworthy information. To learn more from these Muhlenberg experts about finding reliable sources that will keep you informed as the COVID-19 situation develops, read this article.

Rachel Hamelers (Trexler Library) and Chrys Cronin (Public Health) along with Kathleen Bachynski (Public Health), Casey Miller (Anthropology), and Lufei Teng (Economics), also participated in a panel entitled: The Coronavirus Pandemic: COVID-19. This presentation looked at the COVID-19 pandemic from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, and gives a snapshot of what information we had on the pandemic on March 10, 2020. You can watch a recording of this panel here:

For more information about Muhlenberg’s response to the pandemic, please visit the College’s official COVID-19 webpage.

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